Bridge the Gap between Your Teeth Using Dental Bridges

Bridge the Gap between Your Teeth Using Dental Bridges

Oct 01, 2021

Teeth replacements become inevitable with natural-looking artificial solutions to bridge gaps between your teeth when affected by tooth loss. Whether the cause of tooth loss was an injury, infection, or extraction doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a gap between your teeth that needs closing as soon as possible. You can consider various options available from dentists in the market but will do well if you choose dental bridges as a natural-looking replacement for missing teeth.

If you visit the dentist in Easton, PA, with missing teeth, the dentist can close or bridge gaps in your smile, providing dental bridges. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth called pontic held in place by the two supporting teeth neighboring the opening and called abutments. Various materials such as gold and porcelain help make the pontic, and you can choose which variety you would like to have in your mouth to replace the missing teeth.

Why Can’t You Overlook the Need for Replacing Missing Teeth?

You may think getting a tooth bridge is a waste of time and money if the missing tooth is from the posterior region of your mouth. This is because your molars are not the most visible when you smile and can make you believe the loss of one molar will not affect your smile. However, have you considered how your oral and overall health gets impacted by missing teeth? If you haven’t, please continue reading to realize why getting replacements is incredibly essential.

The first casualty affecting you when you lose a molar is your chewing ability. Loss of back teeth doesn’t allow you to have the foods you love forcing you to stick to a soft diet or swallowing large chunks of food to affect your digestion. The neighboring teeth begin moving towards the blank space left by the missing tooth to create misalignments in your bite and making you prone to dental infections. The teeth in the opposite jaw may also move upwards or downwards towards the blank space. The consequences of losing a molar soon affect your facial appearance as your jawbone begins to resorb to make you look older than you are. If you want to avoid all the above, the better option is to visit dental bridges in Easton, PA, to replace the missing tooth.

What If You Lose a Front Tooth?

Replacing front teeth with a bridge is not a challenge, especially if you have two healthy neighboring teeth beside the vacant space to function as abutments. If you want a fixed replacement for the missing tooth, contact the Easton dentist requesting a solution.

Maple tree dental providers or various dental bridges can offer you different solutions suitable for your specific situation, helping you close the gap in your smile. However, please bear in mind that you may require two or three appointments with the dentist before having a dental bridge to restore your smile.

As you need a dental bridge for front teeth, the dentist will likely suggest a traditional bridge or a Maryland bridge, depending on whether you want a fixed or removable solution. Conventional dental bridges for front teeth are made from porcelain to blend with the remaining teeth. In addition, the two teeth neighboring the vacant space need preparation to support the pontic between them.

Preparing the abutment teeth for dental crowns is a painful procedure requiring the dentist to file the tops and sides of the teeth to accommodate dental crowns serving as abutments. The pontic or your artificial tooth is fixed between two abutments. After preparing your abutment teeth, the dentist takes impressions for the dental laboratory to custom create your dental crowns and the pontic. You receive a temporary bridge to cover the gap until the lab returns your customized restorations in approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

You can schedule another appointment with the dentist after around three weeks to have your permanent dental bridge bonded into your mouth. The dentist starts the final procedure by removing the temporary placements from your mouth and checking the color and fit of the permanent restoration. If everything is acceptable, your dental bridge and pontic are permanently bonded to give you the replacement teeth you wanted.

Replacing missing teeth with dental bridges is a standard solution many dentists offer to prevent the devastating consequences of tooth loss from affecting you. Dental bridges appear and function similar to natural teeth and soon give you the feeling you have a natural-looking replacement in your mouth to begin smiling again.

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