Dental Veneers

Everyone wants to feel confident about themselves when they look in the mirror. And especially when they smile at themselves in the mirror! If you have been hiding your smile from the world because of a few minor flaws in the shape or color of your teeth, you’ll be happy to learn that dental veneers in Easton, PA can accomplish two things to improve your smile.

The Two Main Benefits of Dental Veneers

While most patients consider the primary benefit of a dental veneer procedure as a way to improve their smile and self-confidence, there’s another reason to consider the treatment – dental veneers in Easton, PA, can help protect the enamel of your teeth from future damage! That’s a win-win scenario for anyone seeking an added benefit from cosmetic dentistry in Easton, PA.

Smile Restoration in as Little as One Appointment

For a lot of people, the thought of a smile makeover in Easton, PA, can be daunting. They imagine themselves in a dental chair for numerous appointments and varying procedures. But the good news about porcelain veneers is that in many cases, you can transform your smile in as little as one appointment. That means if you have an important event coming up that you might not have been prepared for, you’ll be able to attend it with an award-winning smile after one appointment. In some cases, you may elect to have more extensive smile restoration performed, but our dental care team will be able to give you a timeline for treatment that works best for your plans and budget.

Looking for a Minimally Invasive Smile Makeover in Reston, PA?

If you’re wondering whether porcelain veneers are right for your smile makeover and budget or not, we encourage you to make an appointment today for an examination, consultation, and treatment plan. Although dental veneers in Easton, PA, are an optimum solution for many patients, it’s important that your oral health is in good standing before the procedure. This is important since the veneer surface should only be applied to a healthy tooth – not one that has decayed.

Learn More by Making a Convenient Appointment

Worried that you’re too busy to make time for your smile? Maple Tree Dental has convenient late afternoon and early evening appointment times available for even the busiest Easton resident! Call us today or make an appointment online to take the first step in your smile makeover!

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