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Have you recently been experiencing tooth sensitivity while trying to eat or drink? Experiencing a toothache that won’t seem to go away? Think you see a hole in your tooth? If so, you may be suffering from tooth decay. At Maple Tree Dental, we are proud to offer dental fillings in Easton, PA, for our patients who are suffering from a cavity formation or damage to their tooth and are interested in improving the health, function, and appearance of the affected tooth.

Not sure if you are experiencing tooth decay and may need a tooth filling near you? Contact Maple Tree Dental to schedule an appointment. We would be more than happy to evaluate your tooth to determine the best treatment option for you and your smile.


At Maple Tree Dental, we are proud to offer tooth-colored dental fillings in Easton, PA, for our patients. Tooth-colored fillings are a safer, healthier, and more attractive alternative to the silver “amalgam” fillings that have been used for many years. Amalgam fillings are made from various materials, one of which being mercury (a toxic, liquid metal). Our tooth-colored dental fillings are made using safe materials-no toxic metals or any other harmful materials.

As mentioned above, traditional fillings can lead to health issues due to the mercury. Mercury is a toxic metal that is no longer used in various products such as thermometers due to safety risks. We are dedicated to providing the healthiest treatment options for our patients and only recommend tooth-colored dental fillings.


When it comes to receiving a dental filling, the process is quite simple. First, your dentist near you will clean and prepare the tooth, removing minor parts of enamel for filling placement. Next, your dentist will apply the composite material to the tooth to sculpt and shape it properly. Finally, your filling will be hardened.


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