Dental X-rays

Having the latest technology and dentistry equipment is part of our over-arching goal at Maple Tree Dental. By using only the most advanced dental equipment, we provide our patients with improved dental experience in every area of family dentistry. Whether it’s for a routine dental exam and x-rays or a more advanced treatment such as a root canal, dental implants, crowns, or bridges, this commitment to excellence is evidenced by our use of advanced dental x-ray equipment to protect our patients from the harmful radiation of older technology.

Advanced Dentistry Translates to Precision Dentistry

As a premier family dentist in Easton, PA, we know that that having the right equipment to perform precision dentistry is an important part of patient care and comfort. That’s why our dental care team settle for nothing than the best digital radiography equipment when diagnosing and treating all dental concerns – including those that require the precision that only dental x-rays can provide.

You Deserve Full-Service Dental Precision

When it comes to family dentistry, there are endless factors that need to be taken into consideration regarding any diagnostic or treatment plan. That means that every patient’s needs will be different, and there may be times when old-fashioned x-rays aren’t the best choice for precision dental care. And although comfort and precision are two high-priority reasons to search for a dentist near me in Easton, PA, dental x-rays offer even more benefits!

There Are Even More Benefits to the Use of Digital X-Rays

Apart from the precision and comfort that have already been mentioned, there are two additional benefits to dental x-rays. First, there are no toxic chemicals that can often be found in older radiology methods; and second, the digital technology provides easy transferability and file-sharing should that need ever arise.

Say “Good-Bye” to Assembly Line Dentistry

As a full-service dental practice that always provides a personal touch, Maple Tree Dental knows that our patients are unique and deserve only the best in dental care. Whether you or a family member require the precision of dental x-rays or the customization of night guards and mouth guards in Easton, PA, our dental care team looks forward to meeting you. Make an appointment online now or call our office to learn more!

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