Many Maple Tree Dental patients grind their teeth and clench their jaws. This compulsive act is usually a symptom of anxiety or stress and typically occurs during sleep. Other causes include an abnormal bite or alignment issues brought on by crooked or missing teeth. Sometimes sufferers of sleep apnea will also grind their teeth. If someone does this occasionally, it shouldn’t cause much damage. But for those who have made tooth grinding a regular habit, extensive damage may result. The good news is that there are treatment methods available to help manage this destructive pattern.


Sports guards are shields worn over teeth to protect them from injury, usually associated with athletic activities or contact sports.

Stock mouth guards can be purchased over the counter. They are a one-size-fits-all ready-to-wear option. These inexpensive mouth guards can be bought in sports goods stores, drug stores, or anywhere that sells such items.

Boil and bite mouth guards are more adaptable and provide a better fit. They are made of a thermoplastic substance that softens when it gets heated in hot water. This allows the piece to be malleable and mold to the shape of your bite.

Custom-fit mouth guards at Maple Tree Dental are made to order, designed specifically for the individual. They are usually constructed in our dental clinic under the supervision of our night guards dentist or at an outside lab. Custom-made mouthguards are more expensive due to the time and work involved with the individualized construction.

Mouth guards in Easton, PA, usually cover only the top teeth. In certain cases, custom-fit mouth guards can be crafted for the bottom teeth. The aim is to provide a durable and comfortable dental appliance that is tear-resistant and easy to clean. There should also be no disruption with speaking or breathing.


Most often, mouth guards are crafted of a thermoplastic, which is a polymer that can be molded when heated. This shapeable plastic is less likely to crack or split under pressure than other similar substances.

Other types of mouth guards in Easton, PA, are made from another polymer called polyurethane. This durable material is highly elastic and flexible. The polyurethane that is used to make mouth guards is made to mimic the features of rubber with more resiliencies. Besides that, straight plastic is the most popular material used to manufacture mouth guards in Easton, PA.

If you still have question about mouth guards, call us now to book an appointment with our night guard dentist near you at Maple Tree Dental in Easton, PA.

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