Do You Know The Right Mouthguards For Your Teeth?

Do You Know The Right Mouthguards For Your Teeth?

May 01, 2021

Your teeth are a sensitive part of the mouth that needs safety. Have you ever felt the need to protect your teeth from external injury factors? Or do you ever wonder how sportspeople keep their teeth in good condition despite the hazards involved in sporting activities? Mouthguards come to play in protecting the teeth.

Different situations arise which require the immediate need for mouth guards. Easton dentists proffer solutions to dental problems that prompt the use of Teeth covers. Teeth grinding and sleep apnea cause pressure between the upper and lower teeth. A mouthguard can correct this problem. It is a device worn to create a protection avenue for the teeth. Mouthguards are composed of different materials like plastics, acrylic, and laminate material. The defense used for your teeth depends on the difficulties you are experiencing with your teeth. Also, you can get mouth guards from dentists or even stores. In this article, we’ll learn about the different mouth guards and their functions. It also explains how they apply in fixing dental issues.

What Circumstances Compel The Use Of Mouthguards?

A lot of situations can cause your dentist to recommend you obtaining protective gear. It is why mouthguards have different functions. If you are aspiring to have a safety device, choose the one suitable for your teeth issue. Sports, sleep apnea, snoring as well as recent dental fixtures all compel the need for a mouthguard.

For sporting events and exercises, boil-and-bite and stock mouth guards are desirable. High-risk sports include gymnastics, wrestling, ice skating, soccer, and volleyball. The sports guards cover the teeth and any form of harm to the teeth, mouth, jaws, and mouth.

Some issues are related to sleep disorders. For a person that has sleep apnea, the ability to breathe well during sleep is difficult since the airways are blocked. A custom-made mouthguard helps widen the space between the teeth. This device slightly pulls apart the lower jaw and tongue. Hence, it allows for better breathing. Jaw Clenching, also called bruxism, can lead to jaw pain, headaches, teeth irritation, and even complicated teeth diseases. The use of custom-fitted gears is the most appropriate. They immensely reduce the adverse effects of Sleep Bruxism.

Snoring is reduced by mouthguards as well. Mouth Guards enlarge the opening of the airways to curtail snoring when sleeping. Mouthguards at Easton, PA help people reduce their snoring. Don’t you wish to stop snoring also, visit dentist in Easton today?

Various Kinds Of Mouthguards.

  • The Boil-and-bite mouthguards: These are protective devices that come in only one size. The bite mouthguard requires boiling until it becomes soft. Then you put it on your front teeth. You can then assume the shape of the teeth. There are always usage guidelines on the mouth guard.
  • The Stock Mouthguards: They are bought over-the-counter in shops or pharmacies. This type of mouthguard has different sizes. You can check different ones to get your perfect and comfortable size. The stock mouth guards are less expensive when compared to the bite mouth guards
  • The Custom-made Mouthguards: Your dentist can also make a mouthguard for you. This mouthguard is good for sleep-related issues. It fits so well to teeth. As such, there is no risk of removal when sleeping. Although, the custom-made mouthguards are not cost-effective. They are more costly than other kinds of mouth guards. When making a custom-made guard, the dentist makes an impression of your teeth to create a safe structure. You can still use a mouthguard even if you have braces on.

What Can You Do To Maintain Your Mouthguard?

Always see your dentist as frequently as possible. They examine your mouth guards for any holes or tear. If detected, it is better to get a new one. Apart from assessing your mouthguards, they provide maintenance measures for you to follow.

Ensure your teeth are properly brushed and flossed before wearing your mouthguard. Clean your mouthguard with a toothbrush and toothpaste. You can use a mouthwash as well. Try to prevent the contact of hot water with your mouthguard.

Nightguards are durable enough to be used at night when sleeping. Therefore, use the appropriate mouthguards for your dental issue. Also, Keep all your mouthguards in well-vented containers.

Are you tired of getting injuries on the football pitch? Do you think your sleep apnea and snoring do not have a remedy? Try using the earlier stated mouthguards and receive a good result.

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