Dental Exams & Cleanings

Debating if you should schedule a dental exam and cleaning near you? If this question is on your mind, the answer is definitely: yes. Experts recommend dental exams and cleanings twice a year for optimal oral health. Even if it has been a while since your last in-office visit, it’s important to schedule an appointment for a professional exam and cleaning with Dr. Ayesha Farooq and our dental care team at Maple Tree Dental as soon as possible to get back on track.

Dental Exam

Committing to a regular dental exam every six months is an investment in a patient’s long term oral health. Getting a dental check-up at our Easton dental clinic allows Dr. Ayesha Farooq the opportunity to examine your teeth, gum tissue, and other areas of the oral cavity to determine whether there are any current or potential issues requiring dental treatment.

Occasionally, patients forego or postpone their routine dental exams. Unfortunately, this poses a risk for more invasive and costlier dental treatments or procedures in the future. The effects of tooth decay do not go away or resolve on their own. Instead, these effects worsen across time and can lead to cavities, gum disease, and other serious oral health issues. This can result in a patient requiring dental fillings, root canal, or other restorative measures to regain proper dental health.

Dental Cleanings

In addition to a thorough dental examination, dental cleanings are also essential to maintain long term oral health. Not only do regular, professional cleanings allow our dental care team to polish your teeth, but they “reset” the health of your teeth and gums by removing plaque and tartar buildup in ways that at-home oral hygiene habits can’t achieve. This reduces your risk of tooth decay and the formation of cavities. In addition, our dentist in Easton will provide you with guidance and support for optimal brushing and flossing techniques at home to keep your teeth at their healthiest until it’s time for the next teeth cleaning near you.

Your oral health care is important, and this includes regular dental exams and cleanings. For more information and to schedule an appointment, contact Maple Tree Dental.

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