Get Professional Teeth Whitening Today for a Brighter Smile

Get Professional Teeth Whitening Today for a Brighter Smile

Dec 01, 2021

Teeth stains can be annoying and embarrassing.  It is normal for our teeth to start changing colors as we grow older. Due to various dental functions, the teeth can get weak and begin to lose their bright color.

However, there is a solution that your dentist can provide. Have you ever heard about the teeth whitening procedure? Here is what you need to know about teeth whitening and its processes. Note that you can always get teeth whitening near you today.

Teeth whitening is one of the less-intrusive dental treatments that you can get from your dentist. It is a quick procedure that provides good benefits. With teeth whitening, you can have a brighter color.

Teeth whitening is effective but not good enough for very dark stains, dental restorations, very sensitive teeth, or other conditions that do not support teeth whitening.

Nevertheless, your dentist can provide you with other dental procedures that are a good alternative for teeth whitening. For instance, you can get dental veneers to cover the stains. Please book an appointment with us to get teeth whitening in Easton, PA, today.

What Does Professional Teeth Whitening Entail?

Getting your teeth whitening procedure from the dentist is safer than doing it yourself. Most times, people tend to make mistakes while trying to whiten their teeth at home, and this could cause damages to their teeth.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can try teeth whitening at home. If you would perform teeth whitening yourself, it is safe to see your dentist get recommendations about whitening products that are best for you.

Also, in-office teeth whitening is more effective than the whitening products you can get over-the-counter. So, if you’re considering getting a teeth whitening treatment, see your dentist first.

During your dental appointment, your dentist would examine your teeth to check out for dental problems that might cause complications for teeth whitening. People who have gum disease or oral cancer can are not eligible for teeth whitening procedures.

However, this doesn’t mean that they might get other dental procedures that work best for them. Once your dentist has confirmed that your dental and general health status is good to go, the treatment can begin.

Before applying the teeth whitening agents, your dentist would use a protective shield that looks like a mouth guard to keep your gums safe from the teeth whitening products.

That is to ensure that your gums don’t suffer from inflammations caused by teeth whitening agents that might have spilled on the gums.

Once your gums have been protected, your dentist would apply the teeth whitening with a tray and run a heating lamp through it to allow your teeth to absorb the whitening agents properly.

Also, there are other teeth whitening procedures that your dentist in Easton, PA can offer.

Zoom® Teeth Whitening

With Zoom® teeth whitening procedure, you can get your teeth whitened in a few hours. It is a quick procedure. Unlike the regular teeth whitening process, the Zoom teeth whitening procedure can make your teeth three times brighter than they used to be.

It produces faster results. It also doesn’t require too much time or heat to make the teeth whitening agents effective. Patients who have resistant stains can try zoom teeth whitening for a change.

Laser Teeth Whitening

This is one of the famous advanced teeth whitening processes. It doesn’t require a heating lamp because it uses a laser to make teeth whitening agents and show quick results effectively.

Apart from bleaching the teeth, laser teeth whitening procedures can correct other dental issues like tooth decay and gum infections. Although laser teeth whitening is fast and effective, it might be more invasive for people with slightly sensitive teeth.

There are also whitening strips and trays that you can use at home. However, it would be best to see your dentist before choosing a particular whitening strip or whitening tray. Your dentist would provide you with guidelines on taking necessary precautions when applying teeth whitening by yourself.

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