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Has it been a while since you were able to enjoy some of your favorite foods due to difficulty chewing? Do you sometimes find yourself being more aware of trying to hide your smile because of your missing teeth rather than laughing with the crowd? If so, it may be time to get back into the joys of living life with the help of full or partial dentures from Maple Tree Dental.


We’ve already mentioned two benefits that full or partial dentures offer, but if you’re looking for even more reasons, we offer the following highlights:

  • Full or partial dentures allow you to pronounce words better because they provide a natural place for your tongue to be placed in the formation of words
  • Full or partial dentures will enable you to avoid the often-time-consuming commitment of dental implants – and they can be a lot more affordable when replacing multiple teeth
  • Full and partial dentures will restore your self-esteem and self-confidence without the worry of missing teeth affecting the shape of your face over time

And even though denture wearing is commonly associated with older patients, it’s becoming a more and more popular tooth replacement option for younger patients who have lost teeth to either excessive decay or a traumatic event such as a sports injury or car accident.


The difference between full or partial dentures simply boils down to the number of teeth they will be replacing. In the case of full dentures, they will replace all of the teeth in a patient’s lower and upper mouth. And, in the case of partial dentures, they will replace only the teeth that you’ve requested – such as your front teeth, your molars, or your incisors. As you can imagine, every partial denture will be unique to each patient’s needs. In some cases, implant-supported dentures may be used in place of partial dentures for those patients who want to obtain a more permanent solution to their smile makeover in Easton, PA.


With all of the amazing advancements made in modern dentistry, denture wearing is more comfortable and more natural in appearance than ever before. If you’re looking for a dentist near you in Easton, PA to help with your smile transformation, Maple Tree Dental is ready to provide the solutions you’ve been looking for. Make your appointment now to learn more!

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